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Posted on: Thursday, 02/08/2012
2-Way FREE online SMS, invaluable Shopwatch tool

Since it's launch back in January this year, the SMS tool has proven it's worth as an effective communication tool for Shopwatch, Council & Police. We are seeing it put to use for instantly alerting members of meetings, warnings about shoplifters, counterfeit currency circulation etc.

Our Free 2-way SMS has proved to be an invaluable asset to Shopwatch scheme operations.

If you have not yet tried it out for your scheme, it can be accessed from the main menu under '2-way SMS'. It's a fast & efficent way to send bulk messages to your scheme members and directly receive messages back to your online SMS inbox.

Don't forget that this is FREE. We do not charge for SMS messages.

If you would like information or assistance with this tool, please email or use the live chat box.

2 Way SMS tool