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Posted on: Tuesday, 15/10/2013
North East Lincolnshire retailers unite against crime

Shopwatch Online welcomes retailers across North East Lincolnshire who have just joined Shopwatch Online and launched NEL Shopwatch in the battle against shoplifters across the region.

PCSO Adam Clark of Humberside Police said both member stores and agencies, such as the police, can update the Shopwatch website.

He added:
"It's like Facebook for retailers, with a newsfeed featuring constant updates on everything from offenders who have been sentenced or issued with Asbos, to CCTV footage of a shoplifter who has just committed an offence to warn other stores in the vicinity.

"It is updated by police every day and members can post updates and also submit information and intelligence to us.

"Because we're not limited by space, we can put far more detail on the site, such as full Asbos and offenders' criminal records.

"Members can also make ban proposals and then other members can vote on whether a known shoplifter should be banned from all stores.

"Photographs of those who are known to the police and the stores can be posted on the site so that security staff can identify them and ask them to leave before they have chance to commit an offence."