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Posted on: Monday, 14/01/2013
New feature - Group Relay SMS

Reach ALL your Shopwatch scheme members in an instant!

Group Relay SMS from shopwatch online opens up a FREE bulk alerting & messaging SMS gateway for all members, police & councils. There are no SMS credit charges!

How it works
Send just 1 SMS message from your mobile to the shared shopwatch online number and your message will be relayed on to ALL members registered mobile phones! No need to sign-in to the website!

How to set it up
Simply sign into your account and create your unique group relay #tag from the members menu at:
Communication tools > Two-way SMS > SMS relay > Create your Group Relay SMS Tag.

Write your SMS text message and send it to the shared SMS number (
07854 548 234), including your #tag in the body of the text message and will relay the message on to ALL the registered mobile numbers of your scheme.

The system is simple to use and will increase the speed of communication in the event that you have to reach members without delay.

Set a unique
individual tag #tag so that you can directly receive SMS messages without using or revealing your personal mobile number. Anyone that sends an SMS message to shared SMS number that contains your personal #tag in the message body will be routed directly to you. Messages will be delivered to your Shopwatch Online SMS inbox.

With this further improvement of our 2-way SMS module are providing members with tools that are not available through any other online service of this type. We are constantly developing and improving the functionality of and welcome any suggestions for further enhancements from members. If you have any suggestions please send your message via the normal route or contact us directly through the live support tab.