About Shopwatch Online

Shopwatch Online is a feature rich 2-way communication & management solution for Shopwatch schemes.
Successfully used right across the UK by Shopwatch scheme members, police, councils & partners, Shopwatch Online is the widely used, widely supported, tried & proven database solution in the fight against Retail premises crime & anti-social behaviour.

Increase effectiveness of your Shopwatch scheme!

How do online functions help Shopwatch schemes?
Old methods of distributing Shopwatch scheme information such as telephone, paper document etc are very slow, labour intensive and can be very expensive. Introducing online, digital distribution of information immediately introduces lots of benefits which include:
  • Rapid sharing of information
  • Improved member participation
  • Cost savings
  • Increased information security
What are the online functions?
The online function are designed to directly replace the old existing methods and also introduce other functions that Shopwatch scheme members will find very useful.

How do I use them?
It's easy. You just need a basic understanding of using the Internet.
Set-up your scheme online, receive a password, sign-in & invite members to join.
If at any time you require help or assistance, just click the help icon. Live support is available.

Just look for the help icon if you need assistance!

Functions list

Low Cost
No setup fee and only £1.66 a month for full access for scheme members. Invaluable online tools to streamline your scheme and increase it's effectiveness.
& crime reduction partners.

Digital image sharing
Instead of manually distributing paper photographs that may require physically visiting a Shopwatch member, digital versions can be quickly and securely uploaded and stored for sharing and easy access by all members of the scheme. For increased information security, all photographs are watermarked with a security code for tracking purposes.

Bulletin messaging
A fast and effective way to send information to all members of the scheme in one action. An email message is sent to every member alerting them to sign-in and read new bulletin messages as soon as they are added.

2-way SMS messages to mobile phones
Circulate Shopwatch messages quickly and direct to individual or many members mobile phones from within the web site using our unique two-way text messaging solution which allow the recipients to send an SMS back to the web site. No other scheme communication/crime reduction solutions have this powerful feature. There is no charge for the SMS text messages that you send!

Group relay SMS messages to mobile phones
Send just 1 sms message from your mobile to the shared Shopwatch telephone number and your message will be instantly relayed to the scheme members mobile phones. There is no charge for the SMS text messages that you send! This feature allows you to reach fellow members quickly without the need to go online.

SMS messages to land line telephones
Send text messages from Shopwatch to land line telephones. Messages are converted to 'spoken' messages and can be left as a voicemail if not immediately picked up.

LIVE support
If you need assistance at any time, our online LIVE support allows you to chat with a technician immediately so that we can quickly advise and resolve your issues.

Easy administration
Manage single or multiple online schemes. Issue new passwords, control access etc.

Document storage
Digital documents can be uploaded and stored in a secure central repository for easy access by all members of the scheme. Its a great way of distributing minutes of meetings, forms, posters etc.

Incident reports
Members can store and share incident information as soon as it happens. This information is very important to the Shopwatch scheme when making Shopwatch decisions.

Voting system
Create polls and allow members to cast votes to help make decisions quickly.

Countrywide discussion forum
The first and only discussion forum that allows discussion about Shopwatch related matters, best practices etc on a national scale with other Shopwatch scheme members.

Connect with neighboring schemes
Members can be granted access to other schemes to enlarge scheme coverage area. Coordinators & Police can request access to multiple schemes for administration purposes.

Customisable scheme homepage
Every Shopwatch Online scheme has its own unique web site address. Each scheme homepage acts as the sign-in portal for members. The scheme homepage can be easily customised with your own wording, logo, bulletin messages, appeals address etc.

System upgrades
Ongoing improvements and upgrades to Shopwatch online ensure that our online facilities are the best online services that are available and ready for whenever you need them.

Setup access for your scheme
If you would like to setup Shopwatch Online access for your scheme please click the button below.