Setup an on-line scheme

Setting up Shopwatch Online access for your scheme

Registering and setting up your online scheme with Shopwatch Online is quick and easy.

There are some requirements that must be met before using Shopwatch Online which are detailed below. Once these requirements have been satisfied, you can then proceed and complete the 'Scheme Setup Form' below.


  1. Your Shopwatch scheme must exist as a group and be registered with your local Police force. The Police offer good guidance and help with running Shopwatch schemes.

  2. Coordinator / Chairperson details
    To setup online access to Shopwatch Online for a Shopwatch scheme, you will need to submit details of the Coordinator / Chairperson of the scheme. Once details are added, the Coordinator / Chairperson can then build up the online scheme by creating member accounts and issuing access details direct to members email addresses. The details required for the Coordinator / Chairperson are:
    1. Full name
    2. Email address
    3. Working title
    4. Premises name
    5. Premises address
    6. Premises postcode
    7. Premises telephone number

  3. Accept terms & conditions
    Please read and accept the terms & conditions for using Shopwatch Online.

  4. Membership fees
    1. Scheme member accounts - Membership to Shopwatch Online is only £1.66 a month.
    2. Police and Council accounts - There is no charge for police or council membership account types.

  5. If you wish to use the digital photograph gallery, you must amend your scheme information sharing protocols. Please contact your local police force for help with this. You can still setup and start using Shopwatch Online without sharing protocols but the digital photograph galley will not be available.

Complete this form to register and start using the benefits of Shopwatch Online for you Shopwatch scheme.
You will be updated with the status of the setup request via email within 24hours and further instructions to complete the setup will be sent to you.

Do not use this form if you are joining a scheme. This form is for setting up a scheme. If you wish to join an online scheme, click here

Shopwatch Online Setup Form

Please complete this form to register your Shopwatch scheme and use Shopwatch Online.

Your Details:

Full name:

Email address:

Contact telephone number:

Shopwatch scheme details:

What is the name of your Shopwatch scheme?:

Which town/city/village is it in?:

Please select the County:

Who is your local Police force?:

If you have any information you would like to include with this setup application, please enter it here:
e.g.: Our scheme currently has 15 members.

Policy amendments for digital photograph sharing

If you would like to use the digital photograph sharing section of Shopwatch Online, the current policy/protocols for your existing Shopwatch scheme must be updated and amended to include the use of 'online distribution of photographic images'. If you require advice on this, please contact us

Are these protocols in place?

Terms & conditions

Have you read the terms & conditions for using Shopwatch Online and accept them?:
Click here to view Terms & Conditions


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If the form does not submit, please check for errors or uncompleted boxes that are highlighted in red.

Once your application has been received you will receive an email with further instructions.

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